Airboxr - No-code querying and data-enrichment interface for GSheets. | Product Hunt

Connect your Shopify store to all marketing channels.

Automatically analyze data from Shopify, ad channels, emails, and more.


Airboxr is a data automation platform for D2C brands, that helps you automate your analysis with a single click.



Rolling out to early users now. Learn how you can get access.


Import data from Facebook Ads, save your analysis as Hops.


Google Ads

Import data, create queries, and combine ad sources.



Import email marketing campaign and flow data from Klaviyo.

TikTok Ads

Import all your TikTok Ads performance data with a single click.

Google Analytics

Import usage, acquisition, and goals from Google Analytics with a single click.


Revenue analysis with a single click.

Getting the right data quickly is essential to making the right decisions. Get started for free with our revenue analytics platform, built specially for D2C brands.

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