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Combine all your google sheets

Combine data across multiple GSheets.

Don't waste your time searching for the right GSheet. Connect them all to your Airboxr account and import, filter, and query data without code.

  • Easy interface for importrange, indexmatch, vlookups, and querying
  • Connect as many data sources as you want

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Single Source of Truth

Connect all your data sources to Airboxr and make sure your team is analyzing the same data.


No more switching between tabs

Copy data from any spreadsheet without opening it. Make sure your entire team is looking at the same data.

No more complex formulas

Import your data with just a few clicks. No more complex importrange, indexmatch, and query formulas.

VLOOKUP multiple Google Sheets

Look up data across Google Sheets without copying records. No coding knowledge needed.


10x faster decision-making

We simplify your work, so you can focus on your business.

Airboxr has simplified analysis, saving me and my team hours every week. I highly recommend it.

Shobhit Data

Cofounder, Hipvan Singapore


Build your single source of truth

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