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So much data and not enough time to look through it all?

I'm expected to make quick decisions. But how can I, if I have to wait 3 days to get the data together?

E-commerce Manager


I feel like I spend more time collecting data into spreadsheets than optimizing my ads.

Digital Marketing Manager



We get it. Your data is spread across too many sources.

If you spend hours simply getting them all together, how can you be expected to make quick decisions?


Most insights are hidden within gigabytes of data. This should be easier.

Surely there is a way to uncover insights without manually copy-pasting data across spreadsheets?


You need to make faster decisions.

Dealing with data is not your job.


Automate your decisions

Airboxr connects to all your data sources and delivers non-obvious insights into your feed. So you can focus on decision-making, not collecting and cleaning data.

How Airboxr helps 2,000+ marketers save 8 hours/week

Uncover non-obvious insights from your store data.

Business decisions makers, founders, revenue leaders, and marketing managers can get all their important numbers on a single command center.

Use predesigned automations to reduce data work

Our automations connect your Shopify store to ad channels and email platforms to create reports you need for every day work.

Schedule your important reports to run automatically.

Once you create a report, simply schedule it to run daily, weekly, or monthly and never do the same work again.


Make faster decisions

Get started for free with our data automation platform, built specially for D2C brands.

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