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Free for .edu users: your secret BI superpower

Run complex queries, indexmatches, and lookups without writing code. Free offer valid till end of December 2020. Users must sign up with .edu email addresses to be eligible.


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A simple, interactive querying interface

Don't burden yourself with complex formulas—simply use our handy sidebar to copy any data you want from any spreadsheet in your repository. No more searching for the right data sets, downloading CSVs, or Googling for solutions.


Add all your datasets once and analyze data without code.

Simply add all your GSheets containing raw data and begin querying. No more searching for the right GSheet on your Drive anymore.


Import only the data you need, from any GSheet you want.

Filter the information you need before importing data into your sheet for analysis. No need to copy everything over or write complicated indexmatch'es.

Summarize no code

Summarize your data while importing it.

Summarize and group data while copying over data from your master GSheets—avoid nested SUMIFs, COUNTIFs, and other complicated functions. Reduce your chances of error.

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