Airboxr - No-code querying and data-enrichment interface for GSheets. | Product Hunt

Do you know who's closing the most deals?

Get insights on your sales team performance with one click.

Sync your Hubspot contacts, companies, and deals. Query your data using Airboxr.

  • No more downloading CSVs.
  • No more prep-time for analysis.

Used by teams at:

Check out how to work with Hubspot data inside Google Sheets.


Connect Hubspot once and get access from any spreadsheet.

Access all your data sources through our command center. No more looking for the right spreadsheet.


Import data directly from Hubspot. No CSV downloads.

Import only the data you need for your analysis. No more downloading massive CSV files.


Save your analysis, run them with one click.

Save your imports and analysis as Hops, and run them with one click from any spreadsheet!


Rated 5-stars

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