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Build reports easily with live Notion data.

Notion is amazing for storing and organizing data, but was never meant for analysis. With Airnotion, you can finally track and analyze your Notion data on Google Sheets. Creating easy-to-read reports for your Notion data has never been simpler.

  • Create easy-to-read reports from your Notion data.
  • Analyze once and refresh analysis on demand from any Google Sheet.

Import live data from Notion into your GSheet.

Create analysis from live Notion data, build dashboards that update automatically.


Combine Notion data with other data sources for additional insights.

Connect Notion data with key metrics from Hubspot, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Shopify, and many more. 


Schedule your Notion analysis for periodic reporting.

Set up your Notion analysis to run periodically, and never create the same report twice.

One click analysis for all your needs.

Build pivot tables and charts with Notion data. Then run them from any GSheet with a single click.


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