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Get 20% off on our annual plans. Our Basic plan with Google Analytics integration is always free.


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If you need Airboxr for more than five members of your team, you can subscribe for as low as $100/mo for the entire team. Find a time for us to chat below.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get a free trial of the paid plans?

    Absolutely, simply click on the Start trial button on the paid plans. You can play around with all the features unlocked for 14 days.

  • What payment options do I have?

    You can make payment using any credit or debit card. We use Stripe for payment processing and your card details are never stored on Airboxr.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    We are building an option to cancel your subscription within the app. In the meantime, simply ping us on the in-app chat if you wish to cancel your account. You can also e-mail us at from your registered e-mail.

  • Can I use Airboxr for free?

    Yes, you can. We will always have a free plan for infrequent users. You can also connect Google Analytics to your free plan.

  • I am a student. Can I get a discount?

    If you are a student, you could get 50% off when you sign up with a .edu address. Write to us at

  • I'm unemployed and can't afford full price for People Search. Can I get a discount?

    If you are currently unemployed and looking for employment, you could use our People Search and E-mail Search to reach out to prospective employers. We will also give you a flat 80% off for three months to aid your job search. Write to us at You may be asked for more verification prior to sharing a discount.


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Airboxr works where you do: right within your spreadsheets.

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