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What is revenue analytics?

Revenue analytics is a broad term to define data analysis that eventually leads to a revenue-related decision. Revenue data typically goes beyond simply sales, and includes marketing, and operations. But let's see what we mean when we say revenue analytics.


Analyzing your customers.

The first step to any revenue decision is understanding your customers. Eventually, customers drive decisions around which products to stock, what price-points to focus on, and where to invest marketing dollars in.

  • Where do my customers come from?
  • What products do they buy?
  • Where in the purchase funnel do they drop off?
  • Who are my most valuable customers?

Analyzing your products.

Once you understand your customers, decisions around the products to stock becomes easier. Determine the right price, inventory levels, suppliers, and product variants to focus on.

  • Which products have a faster sell-through rate?
  • Which products do my most loyal customers purchase?
  • What price-points move the fastest?
  • Which hot-selling products am I running out of?

Analyzing your operations.

Setting up the right operating processes are key to ensuring customer happiness and eventually revenues. Review your operations data frequently to assess if you are on track.

  • Which warehouse should I stock which products in?
  • How long is it taking me to get orders out the door?
  • Which locations am I getting more returns from? Why?
  • Which logistics partners are performing well?

Analyzing your marketing efforts.

Marketing analytics is a massive industry, but most players focus on helping you spend more on marketing. It is essential to periodically review your efforts to assess if you are getting the most out of your marketing investment.

  • Which marketing channels are leading to sales? Which channels are helping me build a brand?
  • Which audiences and messages work the best for my customer base?
  • Which campaigns and channels give me the best return on ad spend (ROAS)?
  • Can I trust the data my marketing channels provide?

Learn how you can adopt the right revenue analytics strategy.

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