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What is Time to Delivery?

Time to Delivery is the amount of time between when an order is placed and when it gets delivered.


Time to Delivery formula.

Time to Delivery = Time when shipment is delivered - Time when order containing the shipment was received.


Like time to fulfillment, you should also aim to reduce time to delivery for the same reasons. Time to delivery is the sum of fulfillment time and shipping time. If the time taken to deliver your product is way too high, then you need to find which process is consuming more time. If your fulfillment time is taking longer than expected, then you should take the necessary steps as mentioned above to improve this time.

Similarly, if your shipping time is high, then you can contact your shipping carrier and take the required actions to resolve the issue.


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What are the industry benchmarks for Time to Delivery?

Time to Delivery varies widely across the world and public benchmarks are not available.


How can you improve Time to Delivery for your store?

If you have already optimized your Time to Fulfillment, work with your shippers to determine which shippers work the fastest in a specific region. Reward those shippers with more shipments to deliver. Centralizing shipments with a shipper will also enable you to negotiate for better pricing.


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