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What is Traffic?

Traffic generally refers to the total number of visitors to your online store in a given period.


Traffic formula.

Number of visitors to your store.


As a top-of-the-funnel metric, traffic is significant for any marketing effort. Traffic is the foundation for engagements, conversions, and other key marketing metrics. If your marketing campaign is not driving traffic to your landing page, it's a clear signal to look into what may be wrong with the campaign, and if it needs to be tweaked or replaced.

You can also use the data from this metric to draw meaningful insights about conversions, checkouts, and abandonments.


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What are the industry benchmarks for Traffic?

While traffic received by any site varies widely, the benchmark for traffic split across desktop, mobile, and tablet 33.35%, 63.81%, and 2.84% (Source: Contentsquare, 2020.


How can you improve Traffic for your store?

You can increase traffic by using paid social media campaigns. Also, engage with your customers by sharing posts about your products on various social media platforms.

Get in touch with social media influencers who can help you reach out to new customers by sharing about your store and products on their platform. You can send them free samples of your product or write blogs and articles featuring them.

Focus on content marketing. Content marketing includes providing relevant content related to your product or service to your customers. You can work on creating blog posts, podcasts, or videos to attract more customers.


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