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Acquire and retain customers more efficiently.

Your Shopify store has an immense amount of data about your customers. But it isn't easy to sift through that data to make decisions. Airboxr helps you segment and analyze your customer behavior, so you can acquire and retain the right buyers.


Airboxr helps you make faster decisions through data and AI.

You already have all the data you need to make better revenue decisions. They are spread across all your data sources. The more tools you use, the worse it gets. Airboxr's data automations provide you with the direction you need without having to spend your marketing budget blindly.


Measure the effectiveness of your acquisition through cohort analysis.

Airboxr enables you to create a cohort analysis with a single click, to measure if you are acquiring the right customers who keep coming back for more.


Find your top spenders.

Create a list of your top spenders with a single click. Add them to a new segment on Klaviyo, send them special offers, and keep them coming back.


Identify customers at risk of churning.

Find active customers who haven't purchased from you recently. Preemptively design outreaches to get them back.


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