Airboxr - No-code querying and data-enrichment interface for GSheets. | Product Hunt

Automate decisions for your Shopify store.

Focus on sales, not reporting.

Always have the most important business metrics front and center. Airboxr automates your reporting and provides you with specific action steps that need your immediate attention.


Trusted by the world's fastest growing brands.


Get targeted insights and action-steps for your store.

Airboxr preemptively surfaces areas that need your attention and provides advice on improving your metrics.


Review products that drive your sales.

Quickly create reports to analyze the sales of your products. Identify which products drive revenue.


Get a snapshot of your inventory.

Schedule a snapshot of your sellable inventory to keep an eye on products running out.


Create your free account.

Connect your Shopify store to get a 14-day trial on our Team Plan. Freemium plan available if you don't wish to upgrade after the trial.

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