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We hear you.

Simply finding the sell-through rate of a product can be a painful process. I don't want to deal with all these spreadsheets.

Charlotte Davis

Category Manager

It's like trying to pull teeth just to get the bare minimum of information needed to build an audience profile.

Sanaa Gupta

Marketing Manager

Collecting and cleaning data feels like we're mining through a never-ending mountain of useless information. It's a frustrating process.

Noah Clarke



Airboxr helps you make faster decisions through data and AI.

You already have all the data you need to make better revenue decisions. They are spread across all your data sources. The more tools you use, the worse it gets. Airboxr's data automations provide you with the direction you need without having to spend your marketing budget blindly.


Automations that increase your sales.

Automations (we call them "Hops") import data from your revenue and marketing sources, analyze, and deliver them to your spreadsheet.

Find your most valuable customers.

Use an RFM analysis to find the customers that add more value to your topline.

Compare trends in ROAS and MER.

Identify how your ROAS and MER are trending over quarters to ensure your marketing budgets are being spent well.

Analyze product sales over time.

Review your sales trends over time, to identify when seasonal products are running out of steam.



  • Is there a free trial?

    Yes, there is a free trial to help you explore the platform before you upgrade. There is also a free plan with limited features. After your trial expires, you will be automatically moved to the free plan.

  • How long will it take for me to set it up?

    Typically, it takes less than five minutes. You simply log in with your Google account, then connect to your Shopify store by installing the app from the Shopify App Store.

  • I don't know what reports I need. How can I use Airboxr?

    Don't worry! Airboxr will show you a feed of important metrics and insights that need your attention. Our team will also set you up with predesigned reports, based on the stage of your business. After you create your account and connect a data sources, simply ping us on the in-app chat.

  • I don't have a data analyst in my team. Can I still use Airboxr?

    Yes, Airboxr is meant for business users who don't have advanced knowledge of data analytics or don't want to spend too much time dealing with data. Airboxr will interpret the data for you and tell you when it's time to act. So you can focus on decision-making and not data analysis.

  • I've already subscribed to a dashboarding tool. Do I still need Airboxr?

    If you find that you are downloading CSV files from your dashboarding tool, then you should create a free Airboxr account to see what it can do for you. Airboxr's automations can be fed into dashboarding tools, such as Google Looker Studio—but data from dashboarding tools can rarely be fed back into their raw analysis.

  • Is my data secure?

    We do not have access to your data directly. However, once you import data into a spreadsheet using the App, please ensure sharing settings on the spreadsheet prevent unauthorized access. You can learn more about how we secure your data here.


Rated 5-stars on the Shopify App Store


We love the auto-generated reports we use from Airboxr and would highly recommend this to people who are launching and scaling their adspend.

Faba Food



Great app for reporting automation. If you have multiple shopify stores, their multiple workspaces feature is helpful for you to create reportings for your several stores.

Yoli Haus



We have a lot of Hops and can choose to run each one for different time periods on the same Google doc and compare months and weeks.



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