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Analyze database data from your Google Sheets. No coding knowledge necessary.

Use our interactive UI to query your database.


Connect Google Sheets to:


All our business data is on a master database, and no one from my team can access it without tech help.

Director of Revenue, E-commerce Company


My business team keeps asking me to pull data from our database into CSV files. That's not the best use of my time.

Software Engineer, Tech Startup

sql query builder

Import and analyze your database data without code.

You can create your own queries without learning how to code. Simply use the interactive UI to import any data from your database.


Save your analysis for future use.

Never do the same work twice. Save your analysis as Hops, and create graphs and dashboards seamlessly. All within your Google Sheets.


Combine data with other sources for additional insights.

Import data from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Search Console, Shopify store, and more to combine with your SQL database. Find cross-platform insights quickly.


Install the Google Sheet Add-on now.

Try out our Google Sheet add-on for free and begin querying your MySQL database from any spreadsheet. No coding required.

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