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Preparing weekly reports is not the best use of your time.


Are you sick of downloading CSV files from all your data sources?

Downloading CSV files from your Shopify store, ad channels, and email platforms can be a waste of time... especially when you have to clean them afterward to make any sense of the data.


Are you tired of creating reports only to redo it all over the next week?

It wouldn't be so painful if you only had to do it once. But spending your Monday morning creating the same report for your management is soul-sucking.


We get it. Your boss wants everything on spreadsheets.

So do millions of other bosses.


Automate your Shopify store data

Airboxr connects to all your data sources and delivers the analysis right into your spreadsheet. So you can focus on decision-making, not collecting and cleaning data.

How Airboxr helps 2,000+ marketers save 8 hours/week

Predesigned automations for all your data work.

Our automations connect your Shopify store to ad channels and email platforms to create reports you need for every day work.

Business health check in a single command center.

Business decisions makers, founders, revenue leaders, and marketing managers can get all their important numbers on a single command center.

Schedule your important reports to run automatically.

Once you create a report, simply schedule it to run daily, weekly, or monthly and never do the same work again.


Automate your store data, so you never have to do the same work twice.

Get started for free with our data automation platform, built specially for D2C brands.

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