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Welcome to Airboxr. Ready to automate your data?

As a Vegaboard user, you have already received a sneak-peek into Airboxr's capabilities. Learn how Airboxr can help you automate your data, so you have all your metrics for ready decision-making.


Used by teams at:

A central repository of all the analysis you will need.

Select from a wide range of pre-designed analysis ("Hops") and run them with a single click.


Data automation for D2C brands.

You shouldn't have to spend time copying and pasting data between spreadsheets. Airboxr automates your data processes for you so you don't have to.

Task management

Automate data exports

Need all your orders from Shopify? Get them into your spreadsheet with a single click.


Automate advanced analytics

One click to generate cohort reports, ad performance reports, shipping reports, and more.


Scheduled automations

Run your data automations on a schedule. Never download a CSV again.


Team plans

Invite your entire team to join you on Airboxr. Create new reports together.


Data visualization

See your Vegaboard visualizations supercharged with data from your ad and email channels.


In-app support

Get support as you're analyzing your data. Or sign up for a free consultation.


Integrates with your favorite tools


Airboxr is a great tool for D2C startups. I like its one-click setup for pulling actionable data that helps my teams take quick decisions. I am positive that the team will replace the analytics function completely in near future.

Vardhman Jain, Cofounder, BONOMI


Always-on integration with Google Sheets.

Open your Google spreadsheets right within the app and import your data with a single click.

  • No CSV downloads
  • No installing add-ons
  • All your imports in a single click

Make key decisions with a single click.

Every key decision you need to make is already designed for you. You simply need to click a button to get cross-platform insights.

Conduct a cohort analysis of your customers to measure your retention efforts

Analyze how often newly acquired customers come back to purchase across future months.


Review campaign performance of your Facebook ads across demographics

Review your key campaign performance metrics broken down by age and gender. 


Measure your e-mail list growth over time

Track the new contacts added to your lists every day. Identify the campaigns that work with acquisition.


Measure the performance of your TikTok campaigns

Learn which TikTok campaigns perform well with your store. Track over time to identify key actionables.


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