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Creating your revenue analytics strategy

Browse our resources to help you design a revenue strategy that works for your D2C store.

Revenue strategy design

Start with these resources to design the way you create and analyze metrics.


Design your D2C revenue analytics strategy

In this article, we deep dive into how to create the right revenue analytics strategy for your store. You will learn:

  • Which data should you base your decisions on?
  • Which customers should you focus your attention on?
  • Which products should you promote?

Are you ready to adopt headless commerce?

Find out what Ville Houttu, founder and CEO at Vincit, one of Inc. Magazine's 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in the U.S., says about headless commerce.

  • Understanding what headless commerce is
  • Designing an implementation strategy
  • Designing the user experience
  • Developing an API strategy
  • Building a compliance strategy

Read our whitepaper on D2C metrics and benchmarks

63% of e-commerce businesses do not track the right metrics. Download our free whitepaper on the 22 metrics to track for your store.


Marketing Analytics in 10 minutes.

The good folks at Shopify created this 10-minute video as an introduction to marketing analytics. Check this out to get started.

More reading from our blog

Learn how leading D2C brands use data. Or use our step-by-step guidelines to create your own.


Building an e-commerce revenue analytics strategy

Learn how to design a revenue analytics strategy for your D2C brand.


What is Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) and how to make better decisions with it?

Marketing Efficiency Ratio measures how many marketing dollars you need to spend to get $100 in sales. Learn how to use this in your decision-making.


3 content and data-based strategies at BeardBrand

Content-forward strategies that build brand awareness and user retention.


Using RFM analysis to identify your most valuable customers

Learn how to identify your most valuable customers using the RFM analysis framework.


Revenue analysis with a single click.

Getting the right data quickly is essential to making the right decisions. Get started for free with our revenue analytics platform, built specially for D2C brands.

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