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Tactical execution steps for your strategy

Learn about specific steps to measure and execute on your revenue strategy.

Familiarize yourself with the right tools.

Learn about the tools and shortcuts you have at your disposal to make your life easier.


Top Shopify apps for your D2C brand

Shopify makes it really easy to automate store operations through a wide range of apps. Check out our curated collection of apps that can make life easier. Browse tools for:

  • Data analytics
  • AI-powered design
  • Returns management
  • E-mail marketing

Up your spreadsheet game

You can't avoid spreadsheets in your D2C operations. Make it easier to get started with this collection of tools, templates, and tutorials.

Deep dive into tactical analytics

Learn how to create reports, run advanced analysis and save time with shortcuts.


Are you tracking the right metrics?

Make sure you are measuring your metrics the right way. Access our metrics library for definitions, formulas, and benchmarks for the metrics you will need to track for your D2C brand.


Define your buyer persona

Learn from the experts at Shopify how to define your buyer persona to help you design your messaging, offers, and distribution.


Revenue analysis with a single click.

Getting the right data quickly is essential to making the right decisions. Get started for free with our revenue analytics platform, built specially for D2C brands.

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