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Are you wasting your time building reports?

DTC teams spend 8 hours a week dealing with data. This is time that could be used for critical business tasks. You could be losing thousands of dollars in sales while you wait to analyze data.


You shouldn't have to create reports from scratch.

It's 2023.

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Missing out on revenue opportunities?

By the time you pull together data from various channels and decide what to do, the time for action has passed.

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Wasting time on collecting and cleaning data?

80% of the time spent on data analysis is wasted on collecting and cleaning data.

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Budgets being spent on the wrong priorities?

Not being able to quickly tell which campaigns, products, and offers to promote can cost you ~50% of your marketing budgets.


Learn how En Gold connects multiple sources to Google Looker Studio to automate reporting.

The marketing team at En Gold—a premium furniture store based out of Victoria, Australia—automated their internal reports with Airboxr. These reports magically update with fresh data at periodic intervals, providing management with just-in-time insights into their business.

2 days

Time saved per month


More sales, less analysis.

Use Airboxr's data-driven recommendations to focus your energies on driving sales.


One truthful platform.

Being able to get that weekly and monthly data from the same platform, so then you’re all working off one truthful platform, is really handy. Normally you have to go from Google to Meta to Shopify, and each one of them will have a different answer… Having that [objective] source of truth is very helpful.

Quick decisions!

Airboxr allows us to gain quick insights into the business/conversion data that helps a startup like us make quick decisions across our marketing channels. Spend less time compiling data and report and just plug into Airboxr and focus on executing those actionable tasks that matter.

Will replace the Analytics function!

Airboxr is a great tool for D2C startups. I like its one-click setup for pulling actionable data that helps my teams take quick decisions. I am positive that the tool will replace the analytics function completely in near future.

Extract KPIs with a single click.

What I like most [about Airboxr] are the pre-defined "hops" with which you can extract all relevant KPI with one click. We run the "facebook ads performance hop" in order to get CPM, CTR, CPC, ATC Rate, IC Rate, PUR, and ROAS with one click. We then use this data in order to visualize it inside our GDS Dashboard.


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