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How En Gold connects all marketing data sources to centralize reporting.

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Founded in 2018, En Gold supports the slow interiors philosophy—producing in limited quantities to ensure minimal waste and promote conscious consumption.


En Gold's data management process

The En Gold marketing team creates daily, weekly, and monthly reports comparing ad spend across platforms to sales via multiple channels, namely their Shopify store and their gallery sales. They present their reports to management using Google Looker Studio.

The problem

Too much time spent on manual reporting.

Manual daily reporting was taking 2.5 hours out of their week; weekly and monthly reports took another 5 hours every month. In total, they spent two working days a month just making reports.

This was highly inefficient use of their time, as the brand was growing rapidly and needed all hands on deck to work on more important business priorities.


The solution

Connect all marketing data sources to Google Sheets using Airboxr and schedule them to run automatically.

The En Gold team had created 6 reports within spreadsheets, focusing on various aspects of the business:

  • A daily digital marketing report
  • Weekly and monthly sales reports
  • Monthly budget planning
  • Sales by product and category

The team used Airboxr automations (”Hops”) to automatically pull the data from Shopify and various ad channels, standardize the data, and deliver the final output to their spreadsheets. They then set up a schedule to run these reports at regular intervals (daily, weekly, and monthly). These spreadsheets were then connected to Google Looker Studio, which was used to create dashboards and custom visualizations. 

How did Airboxr help?

Airboxr acts as the connection between their various data sources and their visualization tool. They do not need to manually key in data from these different platforms, or look for expensive connectors that fail to fulfil their ecommerce needs.

With Airboxr, En Gold is also able to create custom reports to cater for different sales channels, i.e. online store sales and sales at their gallery, both of which are recorded in Shopify.

  • Connects all their data sources to their visualization tool.
  • Created custom reports to reflect their different sales channels.

“Before Airboxr, I was manually putting in data from different platforms into this spreadsheet, but now all I need to do is open the spreadsheet and see the data. Airboxr helps me focus on the high level view, and avoid getting distracted. This saves me a lot of time, which I can now use to work on other priorities.”

Marketing Manager, En Gold


Key takeaways

  • Use Airboxr to connect sales and marketing data to Google Looker Studio
  • Run Airboxr's Hops on schedule to get automatically updated marketing reports

En Gold’s favourite Hops


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