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How to automate ecommerce data for your Shopify store.

Shopify stores generate a lot of data—but that makes it difficult to get a sense of the business quickly. It is essential to create automations that get you the data you need just in time, without spending days in collecting and cleaning data.


What is data automation?

Data automation is very similar to workflow automation (what Zapier does) but you automate the way data is collected, cleaned, and analyzed.

Most e-commerce businesses make the same kind of decisions and look at the same kind of data. It does not make sense for your store to spend hours collecting and cleaning data to find (say) your Blended CAC... if another store has already done it for their store.

This is the premise on which Airboxr is built.


Airboxr's Hops—predesigned data automations—import data from Shopify, your ad channels, and your email platforms, standardize the data, conduct analysis, and paste the results into an embedded spreadsheet.

Why spreadsheets?

Because we know you may want to manipulate data further for your own calculations. By bringing them into a spreadsheet, Airboxr helps you continue your work without switching platforms.

What kind of data should you be automating?


Why can't I simply use Shopify Flow or Zapier to automate data?

You can.

If you are a Shopify Plus customer, you can use Shopify Flow to automate some workflows, which is different from automating the data flow. Shopify Flow will help you automate some operational tasks but will not provide any insights for your decision-making.

Zapier can automate some of your data flows, for instance, importing orders data into a spreadsheet. This has two major drawbacks though:

  • Zapier does not clean your data for you. So, if you want to combine data from two different sources (say, put sales from Shopify and traffic data from Google Analytics next to each other), you will need to manually standardize and combine the data.
  • Zapier charges on every synced row. So, if you want to sync 800 orders, you will expend 800 Zaps from your balance. This can get very expensive very quickly.

How can Airboxr help?

Airboxr takes away the painful task of collecting and cleaning data for you, so you can focus on what matters most.


Airboxr is built by e-commerce experts in partnership with brands from over 60 countries. In building Airboxr, we realized that e-commerce entrepreneurs around the world look at the same data and make similar decisions—so why should we all start from scratch.

We built Airboxr to automate the insights you get from your data. So you can focus on making quick decisions.


Data automation to make faster decisions.

Skip straight to decision-making with automated insights, scheduled reports, and a tight integration with your favorite spreadsheets.


Create your free account and start automating your data.

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