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Automate your decision-making.

Shopify stores generate a lot of data. It can be tough to sift through all the data to make daily decisions. Learn how to automate your data, so you can make decisions and reports in a snap.


React real-time to insights as events unfold on your store.

Reacting on time to events can help you re-engage customers, recover a lost sale, or reorder stock before you run out.

How to set up your automation.

Connect all your data sources.

The more data sources you connect, the more effective your recommendations will be.

Connect your e-mail and Slack for notifications.

Important KPIs will be sent you to daily, weekly, and monthly to make sure you never have to go hunting for data again.

Schedule your reports.

Choose from a wide range of data automations to set up your reports within the trusty ol' spreadsheet. Schedule them to run daily, weekly, or monthly.


Learn how Epokhe automated its reporting with Airboxr.

Alex Dietrich, ecommerce manager at eyewear company Epokhe, talks about how Airboxr helped him automating his existing reports and surface non-obvious insights.


Automate your Shopify data with Airboxr

Getting the right data quickly is essential to making the right decisions. Start uncovering insights from your store now.

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