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How data automation helps eyewear brand, Epokhe simplify reporting and decision-making.

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Founded in 2012, EPØKHE collaborates with a diverse family of creatives—surfers, photographers, designers, musicians & skateboarders—for a unique eyewear range.


Meet Alex

Alex Dietrich runs e-commerce operations at EPØKHE, an eyewear brand out of Byron Bay, Australia. He’s responsible for reporting on marketing and sales performance on their online store. He also works with, and monitors, an external team which runs email marketing campaigns.

The problem

Too much data across too many sources.

From prior experience, he has found that the numbers from various marketing platforms are not the most useful for decision making. He needed a way to objectively review comparable data from different platforms in a central location, to have an accurate overview of his campaign performance across marketing channels. He also needed a quick and efficient way to get the right metrics into his reports.


The solution

Automate the data collection and delivery to an existing tracker.

Alex has an existing budget tracker set up with formulas in a Google Sheet, which he uses for periodic reporting to the Directors. To get the right metrics for his tracker, he runs Airboxr’s Hops (data automations) on a separate spreadsheet, then plugs in the relevant data into his tracker. Since his tracker is already set up on Google Sheets, running Hops onto sheets fits well into his workflow.

How did Airboxr help?

Having his entire reporting workflow happen on Google Sheets saves Alex a lot of time from having to go onto the various different marketing platforms and retrieving the numbers, which are not always easy to find. Using Airboxr, Alex is able to automate the collection, cleaning, and delivery of important metrics from multiple sources with a single click.

Automated insights help Alex get a quick health-check on the business, uncovering action steps that he can take to improve conversions and ROI on ad spend.

  • Gives daily insights into stats you need to know but don't have time to pull data for each metric or report.
  • Instantly pulls data into Google Sheets that can be distributed to relevant business reports.

Being able to get that weekly and monthly data from the same platform, so then you’re all working off one truthful platform, is really handy. Normally you have to go from Google to Meta to Shopify, and each one of them will have a different answer… Having that [objective] source of truth is very helpful.

Alex Dietrich, E-Commerce and Operations Manager, Epokhe


Key takeaways

  • Get actionable insights into the business for faster decision making
  • Use Airboxr as an objective source of truth across multiple data sources

Alex’s favourite Hops


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