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How fashion brand Hayley Menzies designs product sales strategy with Airboxr


Hayley Menzies is a London-based contemporary luxury label specialising in silk and knitwear. Starting in 2011 as a stall in Portobello Market, Hayley's creations earned her a fast and loyal following of stylish women who inspired her to set up her brand.


Hayley Menzies' data management process

The Hayley Menzies team looks closely at product sales reports to determine sell-through rates, sales of marked down items vs. full priced items, product lifecycles, and more.

The problem

Difficulty in determining customers' motivations to shop

As a business that regularly launches new product collections, Hayley Menzies needed to understand whether the customers they were driving to their website were more motivated to shop the new products, sale items, or their evergreen collection. This would help them to refine their marketing messages and speak to their most valuable target audience.


The solution

Precision reports to solve their specific needs

Hayley Menzies needed to have a clear overview of how their products were selling across their different sales channels over time. The team also needed precise deep dives on these reports to help make sales and inventory decisions.

How did Airboxr help?

Airboxr’s automated reports helped the Hayley Menzies team to answer very specific queries about their product sales:

  • How are our product sales trending over time?
  • Which sales channels are bringing in the most revenue?
  • What is the lifecycle of our various products?
  • What is the ratio of sales of marked down items vs. full price?
  • How can we remove items given as gifts from our sales reports?

We did not have specialised reporting set up, anything that was created previously was inconsistent and unreliable. Airboxr allowed us to streamline this and review data in an uncomplicated way that made sense.

Amanda Fullalove, Ecommerce Manager, Hayley Menzies


Key takeaways

  • Use Airboxr to clarify reporting
  • Create specific custom reports and run them on schedule

Hayley Menzies’ favourite Hops

  • Product Sales by Date and Source
  • Marked down vs. full price sales

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