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#1 alternative to Supermetrics. Built specially for DTC brands.

Getting the right data quickly is essential to making the right decisions. Get started for free with our data automation platform, built specially for D2C marketers.


A Supermetrics alternative for faster data automation. Start free trial now. No credit card needed.

Starts at $49/mo only.


One click to replace all complexities.

Supermetrics is great for you if you know how data is structured within Shopify (or Google or Facebook...). But if you don't know—and don't care—how Shopify manages its data, you are better off clicking one single button to get your answers with Airboxr.

Running a query with Airboxr involves (almost always) a single click.

Running a query with Supermetrics requires you to understand the underlying data structure.

A central repository of all the analysis you will need.

Select from a wide range of pre-designed analysis and run them with a single click.


What our users say about us.


Learn how Epokhe sped up reporting using Airboxr.

Alex Dietrich, ecommerce manager at eyewear company Epokhe, talks about how Airboxr helped him automating his existing reports and surface non-obvious insights.


Automated reports in your spreadsheets.

Airboxr delivers your reports into spreadsheets. So you can run further analysis or share your reports with others.

  • Filter your analysis before importing, so you have just the data you need to make quick decisions.
  • All output is standardized, so you can run spreadsheet functions with ease.


Integrate with your favorite tools.

Analyze data from your favorite tools to make faster decisions without downloading and cleaning CSV files.

  • Combine data from various sources to make well-rounded decisions.
  • Data across tools is automatically standardized.


Schedule your analysis.

Never do the same work twice, with scheduling. Simply set up a schedule for your analysis and Airboxr will update the numbers.

  • Set up daily, weekly, or monthly schedules to run analysis automatically.
  • Get notified when data is updated.

How does Airboxr compare?

Airboxr is specially designed for e-commerce businesses, by former D2C entrepreneurs. Use pre-designed analysis (called "Hops") and automated insights on your store without lifting a finger.

  • Always-on platform
  • Pre-designed analysis and reports
  • Automated insights 
  • Scheduling reports
  • Data standardization during imports
  • Beautiful widgets/dashboards


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Check it out in action.

Our cofounder, Saptarshi talks through how you can use Airboxr to automate your data analysis.


Automate your spreadsheet reports.

Getting the right data quickly is essential to making the right decisions. Get started for free with our platform, built specially for D2C brands.

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